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Are you a storyteller passionate about making a lasting impact through the lens of film, television, or digital media? At ý, our Film & Digital Media major empowers you to bring your vision to life on the screen. Our award-winning faculty are established Hollywood professionals with a comprehensive breadth of experience in all facets of the industry, giving students the tools they need to become the creators of their own powerful narratives.

Film and digital media students using a video camera.
Two students filming outdoors.


Our interactive, industry-specific training applies traditional skills to new digital environments and global platforms through foundational courses in screenwriting, producing, creative development, directing, cinematography, art directing, editing, writing, sound design, and interactive technologies. Our proximity to Los Angeles provides opportunities to work alongside industry professionals through masterclasses and mentorship sessions on real-life sets. While producing your own films and working on peers’ projects, you’ll grow your artistry and critical thinking skills while developing a professional work ethic.

Film and digital media students.

Postgraduate Gap Year Program

The Film & Digital Media department also offers postgraduates and gap year students the opportunity to focus their studies on one of five specific areas: Directing, Producing, Writing, Editing, Sound Design, Art Direction. Through synchronous and asynchronous learning, students are given materials and assignments to complete independently with mentorship and supervision.

Each program area is broken down into 8-week focus sessions for a culmination of a year-long certificate of completion. The Post-Production program offers professional Avid User Certifications in Media Composer and Pro-Tools with testing after a 16-week or 32-week intensive.

Two students filming.


The ý Film & Digital Media program offers an immersive, practical education in the art of filmmaking, digital media, and audiovisual content production. Totally unique at the high school level, our hands-on, pre-professional program emphasizes creative and technical film industry standards. By fostering innovation through the exploration of emerging media technologies, we equip students with the expertise and professional connections to succeed in the dynamic world of feature films, documentaries, television, and new media.

At its core, our innovative educational approach prepares students with the essential tools for success in the industry. Working collaboratively within a diverse community, ý filmmakers learn to effectively develop, articulate, and communicate their ideas, ultimately transforming them into impactful, engaging film and digital media productions.

Academy Courses include:

  • Creative Writing, Media Writing, Screenwriting 
  • Language of Film 
  • Alternative Media 
  • Producing for Film 
  • Directing for Film and Digital Media
  • Cinematography 
  • Creative Development (Pre-Visualization, Conceptualization, Art Department for Film) 
  • Production Audio Recording 
  • Post Production Audio / Sound Design 
  • Post-Production (Editing, Graphics, Color Correction, Titles, Deliverables) 
  • New Technology (VFX, Virtual Filmmaking, VR, XR Technology) 
  • Film History 
  • Production Lab 
  • Independent Studies


Students participate in and regularly receive accolades from film festivals around the world, including The All American High School Film Festival, Student World Impact Film Festival, North Hollywood CineFest, Toronto International Women Festival, Berlin International Art Film Festival, Rome International Movie Awards, LA Shorts International Film Festival, and more.

Advanced students have the opportunity to take their pitching practice out of the classroom and into a Hollywood studio environment, where industry professionals provide valuable feedback and coaching, helping students to refine this important skill. Pitched projects can include shorts, documentaries, newsreels, radio shows, new media, music videos, TV pilots, social media campaigns, PSAs, and more.

The Film & Digital Media department leverages key industry connections to host frequent masterclasses that enhance the classroom experience by providing access to professional producers, directors, screenwriters, grips, cinematographers, and more.

Students can build robust professional portfolios by working on special projects that generate career exposure, such as music videos, commercials, and PSAs. Most recently, students collaborated with the ý Fashion Department to create a video projection for the runway show at New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week events.

After nine months of hard work on their film projects, students end the school year with a wildly popular screening and awards event, complete with red carpet and formal attire. This celebratory occasion draws audiences from near and far, including VIP industry guests.

Recognizing the demands of ý’ rigorous dual curriculum and the extremely competitive admission landscape in higher education, we intentionally provide the time, support, and resources that Seniors need to prepare their reels and other materials for college or the next step of their careers.

Students enjoy full access to the state-of-the-art Bruce Ryan Sound Stage, complete with a Foley sound design and recording room, green room, and editing and color correction bays. Students have access to leading-edge equipment, technology, and tools including iMac Pro computers (with industry standard previsualization, production, and post-production software), Black Magic cameras, professional field recording sound equipment, and more.

Audition/Portfolio Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We meet you exactly where you are. From zero experience to vast knowledge!

No. Owning your own cameras and equipment is optional.

No. We support all forms of content and digital media creations!

Our art form is highly collaborative. You need a crew of friends to succeed in any of your projects. Have you ever noticed the credits at the end of a film? When you join our department you will learn and practice all those jobs listed in movie credits!

Yes you can! However most of our students enjoy trying other essential crew positions and concentrations very much!

We are interested in YOU, your individual creative voice and potential!

Featured Film & Digital Design Alumni

Oliver Young headshot.

Oliver Young

2008 – Cinematographer

Mayumi Maruyama headshot.

Mayumi Maruyama

2006 – CNN News Desk Researcher

Erin Fischer headshot.

Erin Fischer

2008 – TV Series Writer

Sean Zaccheo headshot.

Sean Zaccheo

2008 – Director and Cinematographer

Bayan Joonam headshot.

Bayan Joonam

2006 – Producer

Spencer Koobatian headshot.

Spencer Koobatian

2009 – TV Show Editor

A dancer.

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